Half Past Three

Half Past Three

A movie about rich life in a poor country

Director Tomáš Hodan

DOP Filip Šturmankin, Braňo Pažitka

Country of production Czech Republic

Script Tomáš Hodan

Co-producers Czech Television

People in Ukraine fight for a life that isn’t easy, but they see it as a gift and know how to be happy for it. It is something happy and blessed, no matter what it might be like. If you don‘t have enough money to buy milk, you must find a cow. If your house burns down, you must build a new one. But don’t think that these folks don’t know how to enjoy their life; happiness and laughter is an essential part of survival. Can one live a happy and fulfilled life in materially limited conditions? Ukraine is a place where time stopped. People still live there in their old wooden houses. The first impression of the place is like a natural museum of time. The Ukraine fought for it’s independence over a long period of time. The elders have been citizens of The Austrian-Hungarian Empire, of Hungary, of Czechoslovakia, of the Soviet Union and of Ukraine without ever moving a mile from home. They still live a traditional way of life; they go to church, weave rugs and take care of their farm animals. The life we know from the stories of our grandmothers and out of old books still exists here. On the other hand there is the generation of today’s teenagers who aren’t interested in the old crafts and traditions and who look for their own role-models elsewhere. Our film will serve as the last opportunity to document this way of life and preserve it for generations to come. A lot of people don’t know this kind of life and they will be surprised that people still live like this.