Happily Ever After (in production)

Happily Ever After (in production)

Director Jana Počtová

DOP Klára Belicová, Thomas Kutschker, Jakub Halousek

Distributor Bontonfilm

Funds Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe MEDIA Programme

Country of production Czech Republic

Script Jana Počtová

Co-producers Czech Television, Hitchhiker Cinema, MAXimfilm

Partners Bageterie Boulevard - general partner, Radio Beat, Rande.cz - media partners

Life in the 21st century provides many options as to how to conduct a relationship. Monogamy is no longer the norm. Gender roles are evolving. We get lost and we find ourselves again. Polyamory, open relationships, friends with benefits, “mingles”, long distance relationships... What to choose? This documentary aims to portray a mosaic of at least 4 couples (or “multiples”) who have decided to live differently than was the norm before. What do 21st century relationships look like?