The Land of Destiny

The Land of Destiny

An original portrait of Ivan Vyskočil, a notable representative of author’s theatre.

Director Pavel Kolaja

DOP Dalibor Fencl

Main cast Ivan Vyskočil, Václav Havel

Script Pavel Kolaja

Awards The "Zlatý ledňáček 2010" award for the best documentary feature

Co-producers Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts

The documentary about the nature of a dialogical form is, at the same time, the portrait of the Czech playwright, writer, actor, organiser and initiator of the great author’s theatres, Ivan Vyskočil, who co-founded the theatre Na zábradlí and founded Nedivadlo theatre. The film is also contemplation on human creativity and enjoyment of our own life. The documentary, dedicated to Ivan Vyskočil, is not a classical film portrait but an original author’s telling. This unique pictorial poem was shot during several years. The authors managed to get down to the nature of Vyskočil’s work and pedagogical methods, as well as uncover the source of his overall creative attitude to life. They captured cheerfulness creativity and an open-mind that have been closely connected with this persona for all his life. The director Pavel Kolaja was freely inspired by Vyskočil’s work and by personal experience of a student in his lectures: “Professor Vyskočil enabled me to learn about myself, to take a deep breath, to free myself, act, think, play, to live a real and full life… I have to say that he straightened me up both inside and outside. Until that time, I had been walking bent, with my head and soul down. Dear Professor, Thank you with all my heart! I am always moved by this.”