Miranda Returns

Miranda Returns

Director Luis Alberto Lamata

DOP Vitelbo Vázquez

Main cast Jorge Reyes, Luis Gerónimo Abreu, Francisco Alfaro

Country of production Venezuela, Czech Republic

Script Henry Herrera, Angelica Vaulla

Miranda returns is a Venezuelan film that deals with the life of Francisco de Miranda, a forerunner of American independence. A journalist enters clandestinely in the cell of Miranda, in the Carraca de Cádiz, Spain, on July 10, 1816. The young journalist urges the generalissimo to grant him an interview, in order to propagate his anticolonialist thought in a newspaper that is published in Cádiz. Miranda, skilled in the international geopolitics of the eighteenth century, distrusts the impetuous boy, who, little by little, is gaining his trust until the captive agrees to grant him the interview. Here begins a retrospective journey of the life of the Generalissimo where the return to the past, to the most transcendent formative moments of the youth, of the man, of the seducer, of the Spanish soldier, of the representative of the Enlightenment, the deserter, the pro-independence, the politician, the warrior, the spy, the smuggler, the heretic, the conspirator…. The story revelas the magnitude of Francisco de Miranda, perhaps the most famous of Venezuelans.